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  • 15 Nov 2019

    Supply Chain Specialist – 1 year contract


    Contract Position
    Our client is looking for a talented Supply Chain Specialist a healthcare MNC environment. The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in order processing, order fulfillment for customers in the life science research, pharmaceutical, food & beverages and academics.

    Job Description

    • Perform backorder and replenishment purchases through established systems and procedures
    • Monitor backorder lines and actively work with vendors and order fulfilment team to reduce backorder lines.
    • Create purchase order for external vendor and to work with vendor to ensure deliveries are made within the agreed timeline.
    • Assist in performing inventory analysis to adjust inventory system settings in order to maintain optimum inventory levels.
    • Assist in performing inventory replenishment planning by analysing historical sales and working with commercial team to understand customer demand forecast.
    • Assist in reviewing incoming shipments for Controlled items & apply license/permit as necessary to facilitate inbound clearance.
    Expires on 15 Dec 2019

    Posted By

    Gilbert Ong Hong Ghee (Wang Hongyu) (Reg No: R1551302)

    Tel: +65 6738 6228


    • Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences or related discipline
    • 3 years of SAP experience is highly preferred
    • Knowledge in Life Science/Diagnostics products is highly advantageous
    • Ability to multi-task, prioritise, and manage time effectively

    Location : Central
    Kindly indicate your current/last salary details and your notice period

    Interested candidates kindly forward your CV to (Gilbert Ong Hong Ghee (Wang Hongyu), Reg No: R1551302). Feel free to forward this great opportunity to someone who would be a great fit for this role.

    All information will be kept strictly confidential. We regret to inform that only successful applicants will be contacted.

    PeopleSearch Pte Ltd
    EA License No: 16S8057

  • 07 Nov 2019

    Healthcare Sales Consultant


    Permanent Position
    With over 19 years of industry experience, we are committed to finding the right fit for individual futures.

    Job Description

    Provide professional service to our clients about Human resources especially in Executive search mainly for Taiwan and for Greater China Area.

    If you are aggressive, smart and hope to have an impact on people's life, please feel free to contact us.

    Expires on 28 Nov 2019

    Posted By

    David Guo

    Tel: 886 2 6631 3896



    • 有明確的目標,想要一個舞台能夠好好發揮
    • 心地正直善良
    • 反應快、手腳俐落
    • 喜歡高度挑戰的生活,每天都有新的驚喜
    • 大學以上畢業,英文佳
    • 有工作經驗,不限產業


    • 掌握產業趨勢
    • 透明的晉升制度
    • 完整的教育訓練
    • 從客戶開發 / 人選媒合 / 到結案,一條龍的訓練
    • 國際化的視野,立足台灣、放眼亞洲


    • 讀人的能力
    • 時間處理能力
    • 創業家精神
    • 危機處理的能力
  • 16 Feb 2019



    Permanent Position
    アメリカ系製薬企業 - 深刻な病気を抱える患者さんを助けるための革新的な医薬品を開発し、提供することを使命とするグローバルなバイオファーマ製薬企業です。

    Job Description

    概要 (High-level Description; including manage team/individuals or not)
    ・ 安全性情報資材(市販後調査結果報告、添付文書改訂関連資料等)及び品質関連情報資材に関わる作成及び管理プロセスを最適化する。
    ・ 社内外ステークホルダーとの効果的なコミュニケーションを通じ円滑なオペレーションを行う。

    役割 (Roles & responsibilities)
    ・ 製品毎の戦略、国内外の規制要件であるGQP、GVP等及び社内手順書(GQP-SOP、GVP-SOP、Global SOP)に従い、高品質な品質関連情報資材ならびに安全性情報資材(市販後調査結果報告、添付文書改訂関連資料等)を提供するよう監督する。品質関連情報、添付文書/使用上の注意改訂のお知らせの資料作成、配布指示等を行う(以下に記載)。
     ・ 品質関連情報のお知らせの資料
     ・ 添付文書/使用上の注意改訂のお知らせの資料
     ・ 患者向医薬品ガイドの資料作成
     ・ 市販直後調査結果報告等の資料作成
     ・ 医療関係者向けweb siteに掲載する安全性情報の資料作成
     ・ 市販直後調査の計画を立案し、実施計画書の作成
     ・ 営業部門及びIT部門と連携し、市販直後調査を実施
     ・ 市販直後調査実施報告書の作成、提出
     ・ 薬事部門と連携し、一部変更申請や公知申請にあたり、市販後データの提供、資料作成
    ・ 厚生労働省、PMDA、東京都、提携他社のPMS部門、医療関係者等の社外のステークホルダーとの情報伝達関連業務に対応する。
    ・ 品質情報及び安全性情報伝達業務を円滑かつ効率的に遂行する。
    ・ 安全管理業務を独立して実施する。

    Expires on 18 Dec 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 表記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。)

    Tel: 08011184497


    必要な知識/スキル (Required knowledge/skills)
    1. Behavioral Skills (行動特性)
    ・ コミュニケーション
    ・ ネゴシエーション
    ・ リーダーシップ ビヘイビアの理解とそれに基づく行動能力
    2. Technical Skills (テクニカルスキル)
    ・ 国内規制(GCP/GVP/GPSP)及び欧米のPV規制に関する知識
    ・ 製品/治験薬に関する基礎知識
    ・ 当局から発出される通知の内容を理解できる。
    ・ 添付文書作成等の経験
    ・ 査察対応の経験
    ・ 業務遂行のための情報収集及び課題設定、改善提案能力
    ・ 照会事項対応を含めた当局対応の経験
    3. Experience (職務経験)
    ・ 3年以上のGVP/GPSPに関わる推進業務あるいはこれに類する業務の経験
    ・ 添付文書作成及びそれに付随する情報伝達業務の経験
    ・ 新薬製造販売の承認申請の経験
    4. Education/Certification (学歴/資格)
    ・ 理系大学の学士、または修士
    ・ 薬剤師免許があることが望ましい
    5. Language (語学力)
    ・ 業務上必要となる英語・日本語での文書作成能力及び口頭でのコミュニケーション力

  • 16 Feb 2019

    【研究開発本部バイオメトリクス】 Project Statistician (担当/担当課長/専門課長)


    Permanent Position
    アメリカ系製薬企業 - 1876年に創業、140年を超える歴史がある。米国インディアナ州インディアナポリスに本社を置く、革新を追求する医薬品のリーディング・カンパニーです。世界各国の自社研究施設や外部の優れた科学的研究機関との提携による最新の研究成果を用いて、各治療領域で最高レベルの豊富なポートフォリオの医薬品を開発しています。世界120ヵ国以上で事業を展開しています。

    Job Description

    【職務概要/Overall Job Purpose】
    Provide strong statistical leadership in the process of drug development.
    The Project statistician develops or assists in the development of protocol designs, clinical plans, and data analysis plans in collaboration with physicians, veterinarians, and/or medical colleagues. The Project Statistician is responsible for working with research associates and scientists to establish a reporting database and for analyzing data for these types of studies.

    【主な職責/Primary responsibilities】
    Statistical Trial Design and Analysis
    ● Operate in collaboration with study personnel to provide input on study protocol, design studies and write protocols for the conduct of each study.
    ● Assist in or be accountable for selecting statistical methods for data analysis, authoring the corresponding sections of the protocol, and conducting the actual analysis once a reporting database is created.
    ● Collaborate with data management in the planning and implementation of data quality assurance plans.
    ● Maintain currency with respect to statistical methodology, to maintain proficiency in applying new and varied methods, and to be competent in justifying methods selected.
    ● Participate in peer-review work products from other statistical colleagues.

    Communication of Results and Inferences
    ● Collaborate with team members to write reports and communicate results.
    ● Assist with, or be responsible for, communicating study results via regulatory submissions, manuscripts, or oral presentations in group settings, as well as for communicating one-on-one with key customers and presenting at scientific meetings.
    ● Respond to regulatory queries and to interact with regulators.

    Therapeutic Area Knowledge
    ● Understand disease states in order to enhance the level of customer focus and collaboration and be seen as a strong scientific contributor.

    Regulatory Compliance
    ● Perform work in full compliance with assigned curriculum(s) and will be responsible for following applicable Corporate, Medical, local, and departmental policies, procedures, processes, and training. 

    Expires on 18 Dec 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai ((少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 下記のメールアドレスまでご送付いただけますとスムーズです。) Tel: 080-1118-4497

    Tel: 080 1118 4497


    【必須経験(Required Experience (mandatory for hiring)】
    ◆ M.S. or Ph.D. in statistics or biostatistics.
    ◆ Rich experiences in healthcare field as a statistician with science background such as mathematics or epidemiology.

    ◆ Ph.D. more preferable

    【望ましい経験/Desirable Experience】
    ◆ Experiences of collaboration with team outside of Japan (preferred: overseas living experience)

    【必須応募資格/Essential skills and license (mandatory for hiring)】
    ◆ Statistical and methodological knowledge in clinical development, epidemiology or related field.
    ◆ Regulatory knowledge of clinical trial methodology and statistics. 
    ◆ Ability to build relationships with individuals and teams.
    ◆ Strong English and Japanese communication and presentation skills

    【望ましい資格/Desirable skills and license】
    ◆ Proficient in the SAS programming language 

  • 14 Feb 2019

    Director, Legal & Compliance


    Permanent Position
    MSDは、グローバルヘルスケアリーダーMerck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., U.S.A.の一員として、日本の皆さまに医療用医薬品やワクチンをお届けし、革新的なヘルスケア・ソリューションを提供しています。強固なパイプラインと世界140カ国以上で事業を展開するグローバルなネットワークを活かし、未だ満たされていない日本の医療ニーズに積極的に応えていきます。

    Job Description

    Position Overview - Basic Functions & Responsibility
    The primary responsibility of Director, Legal & Compliance, is to provide legal & compliance consultation, guidance, advice and support to all divisions of the Company in Japan (“MSD Japan”), and to take a strong interest in understanding and implementing the Company’s compliance standards and managing compliance issues across all divisions. As a member of the Japan Legal & Compliance team and the broader Asia Pacific, China & Japan Legal & Compliance team, the individual shall handle legal matters and compliance issues arising from the Company in Japan, as directed by and under the supervision of the Executive Director, Legal & Compliance – Japan, collaborate closely with the Internal Control Officers (“ICOs”) of various functionsof MSD Japan, and work in conjunction with Regional and Global Legal & Compliance colleagues, external counsel and relevant headquarters and subsidiary staff and functional groups, as needed. 
    Primary Activities – Accountabilities, Supervision, 
    Primary activities include, but are not limited to:

    •Guide, monitor and assist with all activities of MSD Japan’s business that require legal/compliance input, and ensure all corporate, regional and local legal mandates and compliance objectives and goals of MSD Japan are met, with quality, collaborative and timely advice and oversight given to clients by both internal and external legal resources
    •Provide sound, appropriate and timely legal and compliance advice and oversight on proposals for new or revised initiatives/programs in MSD Japan, including but not limited to, patient programs, marketing initiatives, and other commercial proposals 
    •Collaborate with and provide guidance/support to each function in MSD Japan in the performance of their tasks and enable effective monitoring of compliance and related matters on behalf of MSD Japan
    •Work with Country Leadership Teams (“CLT”) of MSD Japan, as needed/directed, on risk assessments and implementation of continuous improvement on risk controls, provide insightful and strategic advice on business undertakings within the local and corporate compliance framework, and participate in meetings with the CLT as needed
    •Act as a resource and subject matter expert on Legal and Compliance issues, as well as the industry and the Company Compliance standards, policies and processes for the business organization in Japan and provide coaching and mentoring as needed, to newer and more junior members of the Japan Legal & Compliance team and ICOs
    •Lead or support new Legal and/or Compliance projects on behalf of MSD Japan, as directed by the Executive Director, Legal & Compliance – Japan and/or Regional/HQ Legal/Compliance management
    •Support the legal needs of key stakeholders through appropriate allocation and management of internal and external legal resources, provide business and other stakeholders, including ICOs, with adequate, high quality and pertinent legal advice and compliance input to ensure that MSD Japan complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements including privacy, anti-corruption/anti-bribery, fair competition and trade practice legislations, etc., as well as MSD’s policies, compliance standards and local industry guidelines
    •Assess, supervise and help manage the engagement of external legal resources in Japan and ensure that the service and advice received from external legal resources is timely, cost-effective and of consistently high quality
    •Understand and adapt changes in policies by the headquarters of the Company into local guidance and policy. Adopt external code and law changes into local SOP and practices by working with industry associations and external legal counsel
    •Proactively undertake and fulfill those tasks and activities designated for Legal & Compliance (“L&C”) for Japan, as shown in the Appendix, in consultation with and as directed by the Executive Director, Legal & Compliance – Japan 
    Company Leadership Standards applicable to the role include: 
    •Make Rapid, Disciplined Decisions - Make timely decisions at the right level with the right data, and support them once made.
    •Act with Courage & Candor - Speak openly, honestly and with conviction: have the courage to take appropriate risks and make difficult decisions.
    •Demonstrate Ethics & Integrity - Adhere to the highest standards of trustworthy and ethical behavior in all interactions and hold others to the same standards; comply with all laws, policies and regulations; identify and address ethical issues without hesitation.
    •Foster Collaboration - Actively listen and seek to understand differing perspectives; work together to achieve the common goals of the Company.
    •Focus on Customers & Patients - Focus the entire organization on delivering value for customers, including patients, by understanding and meeting their needs.
    •Drive Results – Set clear performance standards, overcome obstacles; hold ourselves and others accountable for achieving results.

    Expires on 16 Dec 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 下記のメールアドレス( )までご送付いただけますとスムーズです。) Tel: 080 1118 4497)

    Tel: 080 1118 4497



    Skills, Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications required:
    •Admitted to practice law in Japan 
    •More than 10 years of post-admission legal/compliance experience
    •In-house legal and compliance experience in a large multinational pharmaceutical organization and/or commercial practice experience in a top tier law firm would be advantageous. .Language proficiency with English and Japanese required. 
    •Ability to pro-actively identify key issues and concerns and consistently apply a high standard of integrity, professionalism, legal knowledge and expertise and business ethics to achieve satisfactory resolution of such issues and concerns
    •Good knowledge and understanding of sales and marketing practices and applicable Code(s) of Conduct in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry would be advantageous
    •Familiarity with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, and equivalent anti-corruption/anti-bribery laws in Japan would be advantageous
    •Strong working knowledge of privacy, competition and employment legislations highly desirable
    •Strong leadership and commitment to make sound and appropriate judgments 
    •Ability to think broadly with the best interest of the organization in mind
    •Ability to provide practical, commercially focused and value-added legal and compliance advice
    •Highly developed technical and research skills, ability to work independently and good attention for details 
    •Ability to lead a team of lawyers, paralegals and/or compliance professionals in adequately monitoring, supervising and guiding their duties and developing and maximizing their potential 
    •Ability to work collaboratively and lead, interact with and influence cross functional teams and senior management in the business, and to deal effectively with a broad range of people across all levels
    •Ability to design, implement, administer and advice on legal and/or compliance programs and procedures
    •Ability to effectively manage workflow, competing priorities and changing circumstances
    •Ability to work independently and prioritize work effectively under pressure
    •Ability to work autonomously as well as within a team environment
    •Strong analytical, drafting, negotiation and presentation skills, both in English and Japanese, including the ability to present to executive level management
    •Strong interpersonal and communication skills (both verbal and written), including the ability to conduct training, interviews and investigations, as needed
    •Technologically proficient, intermediate IT user skills
    •Strong solutions focused approach to problem solving
    •Proactive approach to streamlining compliance initiatives 
    •Ability to promote teamwork and open discussion of issues, coach and guide others
    •Ability to explain difficult issues and work to build alignment around complex or challenging situations
    •Proactive and responsive
    •Practical approach with a “can do” attitude

  • 12 Feb 2019

    Sr Manager,Portfolio management and Business Operations (R&D)


    Permanent Position
    神経疾患、自己免疫疾患、希少疾患の治療法開発に重点を置く、世界屈指のバイオテクノロジー会社です。1978年に設立され、生物学的および低分子薬の発見における当社の研究が、世界で最も広範な多発性硬化症治療法のポートフォリオと、血友病患者さんのための革新的な新しい治療法へと導きました。革新における経験、能力、熱意によって、当社はパイプラインを築き上げ、重篤で治療が困難なアルツハイマー病、脊髄性筋萎縮症、筋萎縮性側索硬化症(ALS)のための可能性ある治療法の探索を含む 最先端の研究プログラムを推進しています。

    Job Description

    Support Director of Program and Alliance management for tracking global Portfolio status and initiation of cross functional planning inJapan R&D with global RDPL/CPL. This role provides project management skills for global portfolio tracking. This job also includestracking of Japan project status, resource affordability and operational spending to deliver milestones/goals as planned. This serves arole for clerical and analytical work for budget planning and tracking.

    Expires on 14 Dec 2019

    Posted By

    Miki Nagai (少しでも、ご興味お持ちの方はお気軽にご連絡ください。 事前に職務経歴書(英語版、日本語版でも可)を 下記のメールアドレス( )までご送付いただけますとスムーズです。) Tel: +81 80 1118 4497

    Tel: 080 1118 4497


    <Qualifications>Life science degree (Master degree plus)Business Degree(MBA) is preferableCertified PM professional is preferableBusiness fluent English communication skill is essential<Knowledges>PMBOKDecision science

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