We have put together a suite of comprehensive solutions with the objective of bringing a uniquely holistic approach to talent management.

Each product has been carefully curated using extensive research and experience-tested to ensure that they address key challenges while having the capacity to be tailored to fit any organization’s requirements.

We specialize in identifying and assessing outstanding executives and placing them into mid to senior level roles.

Our consultants are grouped into industry specialization and functional practices according to their experience and expertise. This empowers us with key industry information, extensive network reach and working with speed to connect with the best talents out there.

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We manage every aspect of your executive seat

For every assignment, PeopleSearch assembles an elite team of experienced consultants to bring both sector and functional expertise to the search. We take on a consultative and advisory approach when working with our clients. The objective is to ascertain your strategic intent and work towards identifying the ideal candidate's competencies and personality traits.

With our understanding of your requirements and challenges, we leverage on our industry knowledge and our local and regional contacts to identify and assess candidates who would be the perfect match.

Whether you're setting up a business or expanding your businesses' regional presence in Asia, recruiting staff is an essential and important step towards success.

Regardless of your industry or business type, your employees are the most valuable asset. Recruiting the right people for your startup is the key to maximizing productivity and building a healthy corporate culture.

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With Asia's multi-cultural landscape and competitive talent pool, recruiting for a startup can be a challenge.

With extensive experience in recruiting and hiring for startups, we aim to connect you with the right candidates to take your business to the next level. Our scope of work and experience also includes multi-nationals with a new startup unit which we help equip in all areas of Human Resource including manpower planning, hiring, onboarding, compensation and benefits, payroll and leave administration, expatriate management as well as cultural assimilation.

In the work that we do, we often take on the roles of mentor, coach and career advisor.

Over the years, we’ve taken these roles and moved it many steps further by designing a comprehensive range of individual and group career transition consulting services.

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Our objective is to be able to guide people through the stages of successful career transition and re-employment.

Executive-level Career Transition

To prepare them well for the next stage in their careers, we work hard to equip mid to senior level candidates with the best tools in the trade. Our career transition services offers 360 degree one on one support by reviewing your career path, strengths and competencies, polishing up the CV, scoring interviews and also providing opportunities for effective networking.

With professional and personalised coaching, we will guide you through the complexities of transitioning to help you emerge stronger on the other side.

Group Career Transition Programs

Whether you're transitioning a handful of people or a large group, we have a comprehensive process in place to ensure the entire restructuring from termination to rerganization processes are done sensitively and professionally. Most importantly, we provide quality outplacement assistance to your employees for ongoing career success and preserve the brand name within the industry.

Assessment tools provide insight into a candidate’s job suitability and behavioural competency.

It measures individual traits which explains and predicts job performance and position suitability.

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Harrison Assessment System™, is one of the world's most technologically advanced & comprehensive Talent Assessment Technology Platform.

It is used by FORTUNE 500 companies globally, in multiple HR areas of Talent Acquisition, Talent engagement, Talent Organization Development.

Harrison Assessment provides a scientific basis to assess candidates objectively, develop and retain them with the right motivators. From the initial selection process to integration into the organization along with career progression and succession planning, the tool supports the development of HR solutions via a focused and comprehensive approach.